September 2016

Creative Director : Shin Myungsup
BX Designer : Lee Hyojin, Kim Yura


DOOTA aims for the platform brand that provides more than just purchasing a product experience,
discovering unique products and new brands and introducing it to customers.
Logotype of the master brand is expressed simple to embrace sub-brands that have variety characters.
It imparts sub-brand's characteristics that adjusting thickness of the base line of the master brand.
Visual Motif is started at 'Platform', brand characteristics of DOOTA. DOOTA Platform is a space
which exists various products, contents and values, so it expresses identity of each customer who selects
and purchases a product to suit their taste in the platform. Contents of DOOTA such as personality
of customers which changes dynamically are expressed DOOTA’s graphic motif flexibly in imaginary grid.
Sub-brands, which have variety characters themselves, are also applied to the grid system to maintain
a consistency of brand identity and also expressed the expanded motif that contains a sub-brand's personality.

DOOTA MALL is a sub-brand of the DOOTA as a leading fashion shopping mall in Korea.
It leads fashion trend in Korea with discovering various young, budding designers.
BX design of DOOTA MALL is expanded with various color. By using bold logo type
and visual motif of solid type, DOOTA MALL delivers its own 'brandness' such as fun and active.
In case of visual motif, it is applied to various media in a colorful color and flexible forms
so can deliver young and vibrant brand Identity of DOOTA MALL to customers.