October 2016

Creative Director : Shin Myungsup
BX Designer : Seo Jinwoong, Lee Hyojin, Kim Yura


Reinforced brand leadership of CJ Korea Express and differentiation as No.1 logistics company in Korea.
Also we considered reinforcement of brand awareness and competitiveness in global market.

Based on the brand concept of Smart Flow, we express CJ KX-ness that provides smart and smooth flow
to customer's logistics business. CJ KX provides smart logistics experience by solving the whole logistics
business of the customers from smooth flow.Design Keywords reflects the brand image that have established itself
as a leading brand in its field, extensibility that aims to global brand, and speed which is the characteristics
of the logistics. Brand color of CJ KX uses the blossom color actively that is color of mother brand, CJ group,
so that they can retain ‘CJ KX-ness’. Using chrome and silver color, they can deliver professional brand
image to customers. ‘Hexagon grid system’ as visual motif of CJ KX is used to embrace consistency
and expandability. In addition, the angle of the motif is assumed to be 30°.
The visual motif of CJ KX delivers its speed by varying the ratio to the size of each color.